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Manolo Gelato


anolo Gelato was a seedling back in 2007 and grew organically from the streets of Denmark. The taste and quality of our gelato soon saw us growing steadily across the country, and the boom of the frozen desserts industry convinced us to expand more ambitiously—to an exciting country called Pakistan, which turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Our purpose wasn’t just to bring people the best gelato available—no, we wanted people to see that gelato was the healthier, better dessert.

So we boosted that message across many media platforms, which contributed to the growing awareness among the customers about the health benefits of gelato over ice cream. Now Manolo Gelato is committed to ensuring quality products and experiences for its customers, with over 17 branches in 2 countries serving more than 150,000 customers daily. Where we once served customers on the streets, we now welcome them in the superior ambiance of our cafes and parlors, creating memorable “Manolo Moments” for them.

Manolo gelato


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Manolo gelato

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