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Fourth Floor

Kim Mun


Kim Mun Chinese Restaurant is one of the options for Chinese food as it tries to set quality standards for Chinese cuisines. It provides taste, and quality to families via its food, service, and traditional values. The restaurant first opened its doors in F7, one of Islamabad’s affluent areas, and now it is also expanded to Centaurus Mall and some other cities. It is the best place to get your favorite dishes if you are a Chinese cuisine lover.

The numerous examples of hygiene, care, and its completely family-friendly environment with many facilities should encourage you to visit it. This restaurant is a great choice, and its menu will make you want to get more. We will provide the menu and contact details of different branches of Kim Mun restaurants to make it easier for you. of his gas station in Korbin, Kentucky to being a globally recognized face, we owe our success to the Colonel’s hard work and passion for sharing his love for chicken with the world!

kim mun


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Kim Mun

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