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The state-of-the-art cinema complex boasts an immersive movie-watching experience across its four theaters, each equipped with cutting-edge technology. Cinema ‘1’ and ‘4’ feature a total of 350 Roma Electric Recliner seats complemented by Dolby Digital 7.1 EX-surround sound, JBL speakers, and a massive 27.5′ x 11.6′ silver screen. With Kinoton DCP 30 MX II 2K/4K digital projection and an active 3D system by Xpand, USA, these theaters promise unparalleled audiovisual delights. Cinema ‘2’ and ‘3,’ hosting 72 Paragon 788 seats each, offer a similarly captivating experience with a silver screen measuring 21′ x 9′ and 20′ x 9′, respectively. The use of passive 3D technology by DepthQ, USA, ensures a visually stunning presentation. All theaters benefit from Invt 20KVA and Elen 40KVA backup UPS units, assuring uninterrupted enjoyment of cinematic masterpieces. With ticket prices ranging from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1,800, this cinema complex caters to a diverse audience, providing an ambassadorial experience for the true movie aficionado.